Get access to Phone info menu on your OnePlus 1 2 3

There is a hidden menu called Phone info on your OnePlus device like OnePlus 1, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3. The Phone info is a very useful menu, especially we can change network settings from there. What do you mean? For example, your OnePlus device was able to detect LTE or 4G high speed network and change to 3G at one moment, we can fix it by changing the network settings on the Phone info menu. In other words, your OnePlus does not stay on LTE or 4G high speed network inherently supported and we can try to change network settings from the hidden Phone info menu to fix the issue for LTE or 4G connection. So, how should we go to the Phone info menu on OnePlus device? That’s why I write this article.

OnePlus device open the Phone info menu

  • Open Phone app on your OnePlus device
  • Type *#*#4636#*#* from the dialer of Phone appPhone_keypad
  • You should see a pop-up tab
  • Please click Phone information
  • Now you are in Phone info menuOnePlus_Phone_info_menu
  • Once you got access to the Phone info menu, you can change the relevant option if you want. Such as the LTE network
  • Please scroll down until you find the Set preferred network type
  • Go to Set preferred network type, select LTE only from the drop-down list, this will forcedly set the phone’s network to LTE or 4G

You know, the options of the Phone info menu vary slightly, depending on the phone model you use.

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