Huawei P8 Lite L21 with dual SIM new B596 Marshmallow firmware available download

Huawei has recently released a new firmware update for its dual SIM version of P8 Lite ALE-L21. The new firmware version is ALE-L21C432B596, it is still an Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, but EMUI will be updated to new version 4.0.3. The B596 update adds new features to apps, including Email, Calendar, and Notepad. The update optimizes also design icons. Huawei has also applies the latest April Google Android security patches. As always, the full firmware file can  be now downloaded.

Firmware Information

  • Android Version: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Emotion UI Version: EMUI 4.0.3
  • Android Security Patch Level: 01 April, 2017
  • Baseband Version: 22.300.06.00.00
  • Kernel Version: 3.10.86-gda9cc4g
  • Model Number: Huawei P8 Lite (ALE-L21)
  • Support Network: LTE 4G
  • Build Number: ALE-L21C432B596
  • Build Date: Tuesday March 28 00:30:54 CST 2017
  • Country: Global
  • File Name:,
  • Uploader: Huawei for, Huawei.Blog for

Update Notes

  • The updated B596 firmware version based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with EMUI 4.0.3
  • Adds a feature to prioritize emails
  • Adds more years to the perpetual calendar
  • Adds Local calendar and Global holidays in Calendar
  • Adds a feature to add and share contacts using QR code
  • Adds a feature to share notes as text, image, or email in Notepad
  • Optimized design icons
  • Updated Google Android security patch level on 01 April 2017

Firmware Download

You can simply install the full firmware file to your Huawei device, there is a simple reference.

Installation Reference

  • Unzip firmware file you downloaded until you find rom file UPDATE.APP
  • Copy UPDATE.APP to dload folder in the top level of the external SD card, if there is not dload folder, please manually create it
  • Open project menu from your Huawei phone
  • Software Upgrade
  • SD card

There is also a detailed installation guide for you.

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